Excel by 5

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Excel By 5 is an innovative early childhood community certification process focusing on a
community's young children.  It emphasizes the important roles parents and early
childhood educators play in the lives of children during their most formative years - birth to age 5.

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Your Role

It takes ALL of us to have a "Child-Friendly"
Community.  Take a look at some small things
you can do on a daily basis to make a big difference in a child's life as a parent, educator and member of your community.



Did You Know

At birth, the brain is 1/4 of its future adult size.

Brain structure can change throughout life, but not as easily as it can during the first three years.

The child’s brain is not a smaller version of an adult brain.

The neurons in a baby’s brain are still moving into place.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for one year.

The brain is the ultimate “use it or lose” it machine.

We are born with 100 billion neurons all waiting to be connected.

Ear infections can inhibit language.

A three-year-old’s brain is twice as active as that of an adult.

Experiences in the first three years contribute significantly to the structure of the brain.

At birth, the brain is 1/4 of its future adult size.

By age three, the weight of a child’s brain has tripled.

2/3 of the language a person will use as an adult is acquired by age three.

Language precedes thought - the more language, the more thought. A child cannot think without words.

Third grade reading scores are used to predict the number of prison cells that will be needed in 10 to 12 years.

Relating to others begins with early bonding with parents, not just in the first few hours, but over the entire first year.

Experiences of the early years lay down the foundation on which all later learning will be built.